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The Fair isn't complete until I... by Deanna Sandcork

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. Eat Cheese Curds
    I dream of them all year. It has to be done! In this case it's okay to follow the crowd and "do what everybody else is doing"
  2. See the butter heads in the Dairy building
    It impressed me as I a child, and it's still fun to see. I even had mine carved in 1993 when I was a Dairy Princess! Brrr....
  3. LIsten to a live polka band
    Your toes will tap and your heart will warm as you watch the couples of all ages dance. You may even dance yourself! Good, clean fun at it's best!
  4. See the demonstrations
    You've got to check out the Salsa demonstration, the old guy who does the vegie peeler demo, don't forget your shammies, and watch a knife demo in the Horticulture building before you check out the seed art!

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Katie's Top 4 Best Foods at the State Fair by Katie Stiles

Category: Food

  1. Deep Fried Pickles
    Definitely the BEST FOOD OF ALL TIME!!! Got to have it!!
  2. Mouse Cheese Curds
    The stand in the food far the best cheese curds :D
  3. Hand-made pretzles
    They actually make the pretzels right in front of you!! AMAZINGLY GOOD!!! they are between the poultry/sheep barn and the horse barn.
  4. Fresh Fries
    A classic state fair food, but still the best!! can't go wrong!! :D

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Best Spots for Evening Entertainment and Cold Beer by State Fair Girl

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Cafe Caribe
    This is the place for the beer drinker and reggae music-lover in all of us. Dancing and fantastic people-watching too! A fun and tropical atmosphere!
  2. The Garden
    Wash down a Chicago Dog or boat of jambalaya with a Beer-garita from Tejas or cold domestic from either of the other two vendors inside. Stay for the karaoke or venture outside to the Ball Park Cafe's amazing patio where you can watch a Twins or Vikes game.
  3. Coasters
    Enjoy the twinkling lights of the midway while you sit and sip your brew in an old Tilt-A-Whirl car.
  4. Leinie Lodge Bandshell
    Ice-cold Leinie's in several varieties and the Bandshell Tonight series with acts like Boyz II Men, The Lost Trailers, Family Stone, Rosanne Cash, etc. make this a must-stop spot after 8 p.m.

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MY BEST FOUR AT THE FAIR! by Jill Robinson

Category: Family Fun

  1. The Great MN Get Together!
    My family has been attending The Great MN Get together since we were little kids, and now i bring my family and friends too, to have a great time together. Weve gone every year and wouldnt miss it for the world!!
  2. THE food is a must!
    U must get the Corn onthe cob,Pork chop on a stick,Sweet marthas cookies,Fresh cut french fries, and the fresh SQueezed lemonade,and dont forget the blooming onions, Cause u cant replace food like this, and it only comes once a year!
  3. music
    Theres been nothing like sitting outside the Grandstand and listening to ur favorite band,eating marthas cookies and drinking cold fresh milk from the dairy barn in the evenings.!
  4. THE SEA SHELL hangings!
    Every year i always go to the bazaar and by one the new shells hanging up. ive gotten one every year and never missed cause u cant get em any where else but here. its always a must have and the best part of my year at the fair!

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