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Creating Family Traditions by MSF Staffer - LLH

Category: Family Fun

  1. Same food every year!
    Family traditions are the glue that binds one generation to another. They give parents and kids something to look forward to each year. Like other families, we have holiday traditions but we also have our State Fair traditions that include the following food every year: pronto pups, french fries with 1919 rootbeer, mini donuts, a bucket of Sweet Martha's cookies with a glass of cold milk from the Midwest Dairy Association, salted nutroll, corn on the cob and a pork chop on a stick.
  2. Sean Emery - funny guy who juggles!
    Sean Emery performs at the Family Fair at Baldwin Park every day of the Fair and it is a huge hit for all ages - each year we can't wait to see him juggle, ride a unicycle, make us laugh and do his 'hat sequence' to close his show!
  3. Amateur Talent Contest Finals
    On Sunday before Labor Day we always go to the Amateur Talent Contest Finals - free! We meet friends and family in the exact same seating section. We take turns going to get food (a cream puff is a must!) We watch an evening of great entertainment and then ooooo and aaaahhhh as we watch the fireworks right above us. Then we head out for our State Fair Four #4...
  4. Space Tower at night
    At the end of our fun-filled day, we make our way to the Space Tower. We take a seat to rest our weary feet. As it rotates around, we take turns pointing out all the things we did that day on the fairgrounds below us and then we look out beyond to point out the capitol, downtown Minneapolis, where the kid's school is located and a little to the right of that is our house. The lights flicker as we quietly get off thinking about next year when we get to do it all over again and maybe add something new to our State Fair family traditions!

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Spirit of Minnesota by BAB

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. Butterheads
    Go to the Dairy Barn and see the princesses get their heads carved in butter. Speculate what you'd do, if your daughter was a princess and brought home her butterhead.
  2. Creative Activities Building
    OMG the winter must last forever in Minnesota. How else would people have enough time to make such gorgeous and intricate projects?
  3. Home Canning
    What's the funniest home canned entry? Who eats home canned grapes anyway?
  4. People Watching
    Stand on the hilly street near the animal bars on a Saturday afternoon and watch the waves of people. Count the folks on crutches and the pregnant women and realize that nothing can stand between a real Minnesotan and the Fair. Now go get a malt and toast your observation!

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Best ways to rejuvenate at the Fair by Wendy Jones

Category: Attractions & Exhibits

  1. Take in the view during a Sky Glider ride
    You've just escaped the throngs in the Grandstand and are clutching your newly-purchased Chop-o-Matic - you could use a moment to rest and reflect on the majesty of the Fair! Hop on the Sky Glider (across from the roasted corn booth) and take a relaxing trip to the Fair's north end. The birds-eye view of the fairgrounds will inspire you, and you'll be refreshed and ready to take in a K-9 demo at the Pet Center when you hop off.
  2. Sip an iced coffee in the Farmers Union Cafe
    After you've "ooh-ed" and "ahh-ed" at the mouthwatering baked goods and exquisite crafts in the Creative Activities Building, head down the street to the Farmers Union Cafe and order an iced coffee, frappacino, or other refreshing caffeinated beverage. Grab a seat in the cafe, listen to music, watch the crowds pass by, and resolve to be a better person who makes handmade gifts for her friends and cooks all of her food from scratch. "Yes!," you think to yourself, "I WILL enter my zucchini bread next year - blue ribbon, here I come!" Once the initial buzz of caffeine wears off, reality sets in again and you accept your inadequacies. You're ready to head back into the crowds!
  3. Admire great art over a cup of cold cider
    Once you've pushed your way to the front of the crowd to get a good look at Princess Kay of the Milky Way's butter head sculpture, it's time to leave the Dairy Building (formerly Empire Commons) and make a beeline to the Ag-Hort Building for more art appreciation. First, stop in the apple wing of the building and grab a cup of fresh-pressed apple cider, the first of the season. Unlike most art museums, food and beverages are allowed in the Ag-Hort's Crop Art gallery. Grab a spot on the row of benches facing the crop art display and sip your cider while contemplating the varied meanings in this collection of Minnesota masterpieces. Although the crop art is thoroughly modern, it's unlikely that you'll think to yourself, "I could have made that."
  4. Take in a show at the 4-H Building
    There's ample seating at both stages (1st and 2nd floors) in the 4-H Building, and there's an abundance of energy in the kids pounding the floor boards. Have a seat and soak up the enthusiasm of youth. You'll never have that kind of energy again, but it's good to know that Minnesota's kids are full of great ideas and the wherewithal to make them happen. You'll leave the building feeling good about the future, which is how everyone should feel at the Great Minnesota Get-Together!

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Its not the fair without the food by Sandy Schultz

Category: Food

  1. sweet Marthas
    Great cookies
  2. Milk Booth
    right after getting cookies
  3. Cheese curds
    Can`t get enough
  4. Choc covered frozen bananas
    Bring back my childhood

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