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mmm! by Michelle

Category: Food

  1. Garlic fries
    if you like garlic, these things are amazing.
  2. cheese curds
  3. root beer
    There are a lot of these little root beer 'barrel' stands all over. They have the best root beer and refills are 2.50.
  4. bloomin onion
    These are absolutely amazing. I don't remember exactly where the stand is, but if you can find one go for it! They are basically a chopped onion that looks like a flower and it's deep fried. Plus they give you some kind of sauce that's amazing. =]

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The 4 things I like best by nineinches4him

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. Food
    Pork Chop on a stick, Gyro sandwich, Cheese curds, and we always finish with a bucket of Sweet Martha's and the all you can drink milk!
  2. German Shepherds
    At the pet center I love to watch the K-9 demonstrations. Then I go around to all the dog booths and pet the different breeds.
  3. People watching
    I love seeing all the different shapes n sizes AND checking out hot young dudes.
  4. State Fair shuttle busses
    Brings you to the front entrance and you don't have to pay for parking!

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Copey's To Do by Dale Copeman

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Foot Long Hot Dog
  2. All you can Drink Milk
  3. Ye Old Mill
  4. Giant Pumpkin

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"Through My Daughter's Eyes" by Brie Rose

Category: Family Fun

  1. Little Farm Hands
    From digging in the dirt, to bringing in the harvest, to shopping the "country store"... Little Farm Hands is a must-do tradition while your children are still young!
  2. MSF Fiddle Contest
    A FANTASTIC toe-tapping time!!!
  3. all the "BIG" food
    We started taking an annual "Big Food Photo" when my daughter was one. So far we have a Rice Kristy, Pronto Papa, & an Elephant Ear! This year we're capturing the Turkey Leg :)
  4. The English Horse Show
    An entertaining way to enjoy Sweet Martha's Cookies!

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