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fun places by scott

Category: Attractions & Exhibits

  1. Wine tasting
    the tasting on MN wines in the hort buldg is always an interesting experience
  2. produce judging
    Again at the hort buldg Makes me wish I could grow like that
  3. the Bandshell
    Usually catch one or two acts.Some good up& comming acts and the price is free
  4. the Carib Cafe
    don't even have to go it just sit on benches and listen to the tropical sounds. A great place to meet others in your party.

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Healthy best by Karen

Category: Food

  1. Turkey sandwich
    Yum on a bun!
  2. Apples
  3. Chocolate malt
  4. Another turkey sandwich!

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Fun in the Sun by Diana Dickhausen

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Horse shows
    Morgan Horses and Rodeos
  2. Dog Exhibit
    Rare breeds, Meet and greet
  3. Bandshell
    Rest and Relax in the sunshine for free.
  4. Grandstand
    Toby Keith and Def Leppard, what a way to end the day!

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The best of the best by Bruce Montgomery

Category: Family Fun

  1. Food
    There is great food, just good food, food you have to eat because your parents liked it. New food, old favorites, food that you wouldnt buy but it is in the blue ribbon book. Food that catches your eye or otherwise intrigues you. Food you buy just to share. There are patriotic standards like the Dairy Building malts or all the milk you can drink. There is ethnic food of every description.
  2. Ag-Hort building
    The Ag Hort building has displays that change every three days or so. If you dont like the African Violets then come back in a few days and the Gladiolas will be there. There is the perennial family joke of you can lead a whore-to-culture but you cant make her a lady when we first pass the Ag-Hort building.
  3. 4H building
    The 4H building is like a Norman Rockwell painting.
  4. Animals
    The animals; who knew there were so many kinds of chickens? The Miracle of Birth Center is a bit messy but fascinating.

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