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Michalec Family Fair Traditions by Michelle Michalec

Category: Family Fun

  1. Malts from the dairy building
    Who can resist the frosty delicious malts from the dairy building? Not our family. Especially the strawberry!
  2. Ye Old Mill Ride
    The scenes are cheesy but it's a have to do it tradition. Of course trying to scare each other or telling tall tales about what happened on the ride in previous years is a must.
  3. The Sky Ride
    This is always a favorite. Not only is it time to rest your feet but my son enjoys yelling things that loop was crazy....which always makes me laugh.
  4. The Midway
    Favorites are always the horse racing ball roll game , the ball toss into cups and basketball shooting. Bragging rights goes to the person who wins the most prizes.

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4-H Fun! by Leah

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. State 4-H Arts In Show
    Put on by some of the most talented teens in the state, this is a free half-hour song and dance show that is performed 3 to 4 times daily in the 4-H Building. It's a hidden gem.
  2. 4-H Fashion Revue
    4-Hers strut their stuff on the catwalk showing their latest constructed or purchased garments. Earlier that day, they get modeling tips from none other than the great local legend Richard Moody.
  3. 4-H exhibits
    It's amazing what these 4-Hers can do and make! Walking around the building to see their projects is inspiring. My favorites are the photography and woods exhibits.
  4. State 4-H Ambassadors
    Make sure you walk through the front door to be greeted by the State Ambassadors. These leaders promote the 4-H program, volunteer with 4-H programming throughout the fair and throughout the year, and are always willing to help you out with any question or need.

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Best Fair Food Hands-Down! by Ally

Category: Food

  1. Corn Dog On-A-Stick
    yes... I said corn dog for all of you corn dog vs. pronto pup debaters.
  2. Fresh French Fries
    The name says it all!
  3. Sweet Martha's Cookies
    An absolute fair tradition. plus, don't forget to stop at the all you can drink milk for a buck stand.
  4. Corn Roast
    MMMMmmmmMM! Enjoy!

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Best of the Best by Suzanne Messer

Category: Attractions & Exhibits

  1. Aunt Marthas cookies
    We love the cookies with the all you can drink milk stand!
  2. Grandstand booths
    I love all of the different things to buy in the grandstand
  3. Tom Thumb donuts
    These are also great with milk
  4. The state fair song
    You know fun is just around the corner when you hear that song

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