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Four Must Visit by Lynn Gustafson

Category: Shopping

  1. Grandstand
    You never know what new vendors may show up in any year, and there are old favorites to visit.
  2. Heritage Square
    Great food to go with the shopping.
  3. Coliseum
    Sorry I still want to call it the Hippodrome
  4. International Bazzare
    I still call it Mexican village, even though it is so much more with all the different vendors.

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MUST EAT and MUST DO!!!!!!! by Raine Low

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. Turkey Sandwich
    Delicious shredded turkey on a warm bun loaded with bbq sauce! YUMMY!
  2. Sweet Marthas and Milk
    Nothing like getting a bucket of Sweet Marthas and going to the milk stand!
  3. People Watching
    If you are at all feeling bad about yourself, just spend a few minutes people watching! :o
  4. Grandstand
    Spending hours walking through the grandstand looking at the different vendors!

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Top Fair Foods!!! by Brittany

Category: Food

  1. Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar
    You can't go wrong with these delicious cookies, be sure to grab a bucket... or two!! Oh don't forget to stop at the all you can drink milk stand to go with 'em!
  2. Corn Roast
    Sweet corn on the cob, roasted to perfection in the husk! Yum!
  3. 1919 Rootbeer
    I don't know what it is about their brew, but I simply cannot get enough! You can't deny a jumbo glass of this stuff!
  4. Pronto Pups
    A timeless state fair classic... its no wonder these pups are so popular! MMMMMMM! :)

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Great Fair Get-Aways by Jill Hentges

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Fine Arts Building
    This is the get-away to cultured culture. Slip into the Fine Arts Building and slip away from the manic pace for a bit and enjoy a relaxed and refined stroll amidst the beautiful works of fine artists. you almost forget you are at a fair until you recognize the ribbons. The bathrooms in here are mighty fine too.
  2. Grandstand Plaza
    Sneak away with your roasted corn and sit among the commemorative bricks and gorgeous landscaping. This is a beautiful spot to sit and catch your breath.
  3. Front Row at the Bandshell
    Park yourself in the front row of the bandshell and enjoy top notch entertainment all day long. The eclectic combination of local artists and national acts is a treat from sun up to sundown.
  4. On a Burlap Sack Rolling the Giant Slide
    Saving the best for last, there's no get-away quite like escaping your chronological age and time by triggering a flashback down the giant slide. Hold on tight and be sure to time your screams with the placement of the dangling microphones.

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