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Awesome things at the fair by Emily Schmiedeberg

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. 4-H Building
    Awesome 4-H projects are displayed all throucgt the fair. Great musicals are put on every day on the stage. It is the tallest building on the fairgrounds. It's located right across from the Alphabet Forest.
  2. Sweet Martha's Cookies
    The best cookies ever. They are fresh from the oven and are to die for. Also you can get milk to dip them in. There are more than one locations on the fair grounds.
  3. Fresh French Fries
    The best french fries that i have ever eaten. They are gluten free! The place is right across from the go-carts.
  4. Little Farm Hands
    I have always loved this place! It's really fun! You get a bucket and an apron then go arouind the "farm" doing chores. At the end you turn in all the things you collected and get a "dollar". With the dollar you can "buy" something at the store. Little kids just LOVE it. You can find it on Cooper St. across from The North Woods

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Things to See by Melissa Critchley

Category: Attractions & Exhibits

  1. Fine Arts Exhibit
    Beautiful artwork from artists all over the beautiful state of Minnesota.
  2. Creative Activities
    A large variety of handmade items. Where else could you find a cross stitched dragon?
  3. Merchandise Building
    Filled to the brim with exciting things to look at and buy.
  4. Education building
    A great place to get handouts. Hold a contest with your friends or family members and see how many pencils you can get!

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Schwindel Family Food Must Haves by Laura Schwindel

Category: Food

  1. Cheese Curds & Mozzarella Sticks
    From the cheese curd stand on Underwood. Served with marinara sauce. The biggest portions, and the best! Not too greasy.
  2. Cheeseburger with Fried Onions
    From the Midway Men's Club. Made to order. Cheap, and so good!
  3. Beer
    From the Midway Men's Club. Cheapest we have found at the fair. We tend to make many trips there just for the cheap beer.
  4. Footlong Hot Dog with Fried Onions
    Found at the stand just outside of the DNR building. Great eating!

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Four Must Visit by Lynn Gustafson

Category: Shopping

  1. Grandstand
    You never know what new vendors may show up in any year, and there are old favorites to visit.
  2. Heritage Square
    Great food to go with the shopping.
  3. Coliseum
    Sorry I still want to call it the Hippodrome
  4. International Bazzare
    I still call it Mexican village, even though it is so much more with all the different vendors.

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