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We do this every year! by Kathy

Category: Family Fun

  1. Walk the Midway
    Walking through the midway in the morning before all the other buildings open. It's clean, quiet and fun to hear my mom's stories about the carnival trains pulling in years ago.
  2. Great Search for Our Brick
    You would think we would remember, but it always takes us forever to find our family's brick outside the Grandstand! "I think it's over here....."
  3. Shop at the Bazaar
    We have to stroll through THE shopping hub at the fair to find all the things we just have to have!
  4. Pictures in the Arcade Photo Booths
    Find a booth that works, check out hair, squeeze into the booth and Smile! The best memories of the Fair captured in black and white. We'll miss you Jenny.

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Fair to partly cloudy.. by Tim Beno

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. fries
    every year when I go, I have to have several food items, and a cup of fresh fries is definitely one of them.
  2. people watching
    Mn state fair is possibly one of the best place for people watching..grab a corn dog, find a bench, and enjoy..!!
  3. Giant slide.
    it may seem lame to some, but it is definitely one of the safest rides, and I go on it every year. not sure why..
  4. new on a stick..
    I do try to find the new "on a stick" menu item to try. and of course the old reliable, corn dog is a must..

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Fabulous Food at the Fair by Ashley Renie'

Category: Food

  1. Corn-on-the-Cob
    Right outside the Grandstand is the best booth at the fair. You can smell the butter from far away, you can see the smiles on peoples faces, including the the leftover yellow kernels. Grilled, dipped in butter, and, at least mine, perfectly salted; it's the Corn-on-the-Cob at the Minnesota State Fair!
  2. Leprechaun Legs
    A newer item at the Fair, it's sure to keep people guessing just from its name. In the food building you have to fight your way through the crowd to get to these wonderful creations. Dip them in ranch, my favorite, or leave them bare; it's the deep-fried green beans, its the Leprechaun Legs!
  3. Pickle on a Stick
    Who would have thought that taking a large pickle and adding a stick would make it so much more enjoyable! Close to Andy's Grill, right by the Midway, you'll find this wonderful classic tradition, well at least my tradition. The line is usually at least five deep, and it's messy at first, but it is truly one of the greatest inventions at our Great Get Together!
  4. Too Many To Choose!
    This list could be Fantastic Fifty at the Fair and it wouldn't be long enough. Because who could go to the Fair without trying a CornDog, Cotton Candy, Luigi Fries, Cheese-on-a-Stick, Cheese Curds, The Giant Cup of Root Beer, Fried Pickles, the Gyro stand, Luigi Fries, Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Sweet Marthas Cookies, the Veggie Burger in the Food Building, those delicious World's Best Fries, the best tasting Kettle Korn in Heritage Square, Alligator Jerky, and every other food that we come across at the Minnesota State Fair! It's all so good!

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Keep coming back to the memories by the Nanchi

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Ye Old Mill
    A must. Our first date at 14 years old was at the State Fair. 40 years later we still have to grab a bag of Tom Thumb donuts and head into the musty, coo, dark tunnel of love!
  2. Pizza Palace
    Sort of a new tradition for us (15 years or so!) Slice of pizza, sitting under the ceiling fans, people watching. A good break in the afternoon.
  3. Fine Arts building
    A wonderful venue of great, local art. Always hot and muggy. Keep telling ourselves, "oh, just one more gallery" but end up seeing the entire show. If you haven't found this gem, try it out this year!
  4. Frontier Saloon
    Really, any of the 'beer gardens' are a good stop. We love sitting close to the doorway, people watching while having a bit to eat, a cool drink--and watching the ejector seat too! Usually late enough at night to see the grandstand fireworks.

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