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Getting Around & Seeing the Fairgrounds by MSF Staffer - TCD

Category: Attractions & Exhibits

  1. SkyGlider
    It's a nice way to get back and forth from the North end of the Fairgrounds. You can get on at Dan Patch Ave. between the Butterfly House & Grandstand Plaza and get off on Murphy Ave. near the Pet Center and vice versa. Worth the ticket if you've got tired feet or exhausted kids!
  2. Skyride
    Another great way to get around & see the sights. The gondolas run East & West. Get on near the Agriculture Horticulture Building and get off on Dan Patch Ave. near Heritage Square and back again. Again worth the price of the ticket, especially on very crowded days.
  3. Trolleys
    The Trolleys are a nice way to get back and forth to the North End as well. You could get on at Visitors Plaza on Dan Patch Ave. and take it as far North as the Pet Center on Murphy Ave. and back again. Best part? FREE!
  4. Space Tower
    You don't get AROUND the Fairgrounds but you sure get a chance to SEE all of the Fairgrounds. It's a fun way to check everything out - sometimes you find something you missed!

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Best Places to Watch the Fireworks by Stpauligirl

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Inside the Grandstand
  2. Outside Cafe Caribe
  3. The walkway behind Famous Daves
  4. Top of the ferris wheel

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Favorite things for Little Kids by Julianne

Category: Family Fun

  1. The Parade
    we get some snacks- nuts from the colliseum, frozen fruit on a stick- maybe a piece of fruit and find a space on the parade route. It is a great break to sit down with great entertainment!
  2. The Space Needle
    They love the space needle- we go high up and they get to see everything. If we go later at night the fair is all lit up and the view is incredible!
  3. The Barns
    Especially the sheep and goats. They love to pet them, and the goats are so friendly- they stick their heads out and are looking for attention. Our kids love the barns.
  4. The giant slide
    My husband takes each girl one at a time for a ride down the slide with him. They look forward to it every year and talk about it all year long! It is a father daughter tradition- this year they might be able to go down on their own if he is next to them!

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years of tasting fair food by Jayne Grout

Category: Food

  1. Wild Rice Cheeseburger
    Done to perfection in the Food Building.
  2. Sunflower Honey Ice Cream
    At the honey exibit in the Horticulture Building
  3. Strawberries N Cream
    Up on Machinery Hill
  4. Cinnamon Roasted Almonds
    In the International Bazaar

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