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Ber's Big 4 by Amber Cardinal

Category: Family Fun

  1. A Family Tradition
    Our entire family of 13 always goes together on the same day every year. It's early in and early out and lots of quality family time.
  2. The Giant Slide
    The all-too competitive race going down and the giggles from the little ones.
  3. Fried Pickles
    So yummy...
  4. Memories
    My mom giggling "take my picture" while she followed Garrison Keillor a little too closely as he walked down the street.

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Food you MUST eat EVERY YEAR! by A. J. Hart

Category: Food

  1. Pronto Pup
    The Original Pronto Pup (not the fake dog-on-a-stick stuff) in the afternoon when the oil is very hot and the lines are long.
  2. (about a) Footlong Hotdog
    With lots of grilled onions...get one just inside the main gate when you arrive...breakfast of champions!
  3. Gizmo (The Italian Beef Burger)
    From the Carl's stand on machinery new favorite fair food...always the best!
  4. Tom Thumb Donuts with All-U-Can Drink Milk
    This is the classic desert...grab a half-dozen bags from the Tom Thumb stand near the Food Building and eat them next to the All-U-Can Drink Milk stand just before you leave for the day...the icing on a wonderful day at the Fair!

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Ye Old State Fair Oddities by Jen N.

Category: Attractions & Exhibits

  1. Crop art
    It's displayed in the horticulture building. You'd never guess that such amazing things can be made with seeds.
  2. Ye Old Mill
    The diaramas are a kitschy, out-of-proportion treat! I never miss going on this ride!
  3. Sending a postcard from the fair
    The annual fair poster is also available as a postcard, which you can mail right at the fair so that it's cancelled with the fair postmark.
  4. The llama costume contest
    I was surprised when I stumbled across this event one year. It's surprising to me that the llamas cooperate in being dressed up by their owners. Definitely something you don't see everyday.

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Must Do at the State Fair by Wendy Douglas

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Chocolate Covered Pig Lickers
    Chocolate Covered Pig Lickers at Famous Daves. This is my daughter's first stop for breakfast at the fair!
  2. Miracle of Birth Center
    Can't resist those cute babies!
  3. Giant Slide
    A yearly tradition.
  4. Animal Barns
    We spend hours checking out the animals every year.

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