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State Fair Must -Haves (and Must-Dos) by Nikki

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. Fried Green Tomatoes
    Dip them in ranch dressing and they're to die for! I get them more than once every fair season.
  2. Honey and Bee Culture
    Learn all about types of honey and bees in the horticulture/agriculture building. Taste and buy honey, watch a cooking show, and find the queen bee in the box of bees!
  3. Skyride
    A state fair classic, relax and people watch from above.
  4. Photo booth
    What better way to remember your state fair experience than a black and white set of photos, I get them every year and it's the best souvenir!

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shopping by elizabeth

Category: Shopping

  1. t shrit
    it was pink with a dancer on it
  2. teddy bear
    brown bear with a big red tie
  3. a hat
    orange and has a ginny pig
  4. stoff anamle pig
    pink with two bows on their ears

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Grandtime with Grandkids by Bev H.

Category: Family Fun

  1. Home Depot Kids Workshop
    Kids get a carpenter apron and complete a construction project.
  2. Little Farm Hands
    Kids go through stations from planting to harvest and market of farm livelihood.
  3. Parade
    Watch the parade. A great time to rest your feet and see the parade entries.
  4. Ride the Bus
    Catch the State Fair bus to avoid traffic and parking stress. It's a tradition!

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It's all fat free, right??? by doggydoc

Category: Food

  1. Danielson's and Daughters Onion Rings
    These greasy, salty, DELICIOUS thingies are wirth the trip all by themselves....
  2. Chocolate Malts at the Dairy Barn
    They nice and cold, and help the kids who exhibit there....
  3. Mandu Egg Rolls
    This oriental delicacy is NOT to be missed -- worth braving the heat of the Foods Building....
  4. Honey Ice Cream
    Honey. Ice Cream. nuts. 'nuff said....

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