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awesome stuff by bob

Category: Attractions & Exhibits

  1. the mighty midway
    this is for the older kiddos, it has rides and games
  2. kidway
    its like a shrunken down version of the midway
  3. carousel park
    their is news shows (you can meet a news anchor)
  4. everything
    is epic

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We Go Back To These Year After Year by Anna N.

Category: Family Fun

  1. Little Farm Hands
    Went through it when the kids were small, volunteered at it when they were bigger. This is my most favorite thing to do with kids. I recommend going early, before the larger crowds.
  2. Mighty Midway
    We buy our tickets in advance and save a bunch (that allows us to get more tickets = more rides and games)
  3. DNR Building
    Love the fish.
  4. Heritage Square
    I didnt realize this existed until a few years ago. Now we go to this section every visit. Lots of fun for the kids.

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Minnesota State Fair Rocks! by Jen

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. Cream Puffs
    By far the best dessert at the fair, Betch can't eat just one! Have fun licking the powedered sugar off your friends after they eat one :-)
  2. Foot Long Corn Dogs
    The booth on Machinery hill with all beef foot long corn dogs. Yes, corn dogs are better than pronto pups!
  3. KFAN booth
    If you are lucky enough to get a seat on the bleachers, spend some time listening to the best talk radio station in the twin cities
  4. Chicago Dogs
    Chicago dogs in the food building - AWESOME!

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Not your average list by chenney

Category: Food

  1. Honey Sundae
    Honey icecream with sunflower seeds covered in honey. Ag building, bee section.
  2. Corn on the Cob
    Corn...on the cob, dipped in butter, covered in salt. Not much more to say. Across from the grandstand.
  3. Nutella Crepes
    Hot wonderful crepe filled with chocolately hazelnut goodness. I can never remember exactly where the stand is.
  4. Fried Green Tomatoes
    Green tomatoes, fried and topped with ranch dressing (of course). Outside the food building.

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