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Favs by Amy

Category: Miscellaneous

  2. Baby Animals
  3. Beer Gardens and music
  4. Food

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Fun, fun, FUN! by Ally

Category: Family Fun

  1. Sean Emery
    Funny Guy who juggles stuff! At 12:30 pm and 5:00 pm in Baldwin park.
  2. Giant Slide
    Fun, Fun, FUN!
  3. River Raft
    Get wet on this fun ride!
  4. Parade
    Parade (No candy) With MN bands, mascots, and dancers. 2:00 PM daily.

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Hidden Gems! by Sarah

Category: Food

  1. Gizmo Sandwich
    A hearty meat-filled sandwich with marinara sauce and cheese, toasted up and served hot. Delicious!
  2. Walley Cakes
    Giggle's walley cakes are awesome - and don't forget the sauce.
  3. Strawberry Treat
    From the fruit-shaped stands outside of the food building, you can't go wrong with the "strawberry treat" on a hot day.
  4. Gelato at the Pizza Palace
    Too many flavors to choose from...but a sweet way to end the day!

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Favorite Exhibits by Linda

Category: Attractions & Exhibits

  1. Creative Activities Building
    Love it all, but especially the quilts
  2. Miracle of Birth
  3. Agriculture / Horticulture Building
  4. DNR Building

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