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Must-See Wonders! by Sara Stambaugh

Category: Favorite Places

  1. The Pies
    You have to stop by the arts building to see the winning pies and treats! One year a pie with fish-heads won a prize!
  2. Quilting
    The people of Minnesota are a talented bunch. I am always amazed at the quilts and needlepoint that are on display!
  3. Chainsaw Art
    This is a great opportunity to see chainsaw artists at their work. Take a drink and a corndog and watch as they sculpt wonders out of wood!
  4. Machinery Hill
    Whether you are into tractors or cars, antiques or Ford's newest model, this is the place to get your 'Ooh and Ahh' on!

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Just One?!? by Jill Mulwee

Category: Food

  1. Pronto Pup
    Not to be confused with the corn dog. I might as well get the footlong size each time. I MIGHT go back fewer times. :-)
  2. Scotch Egg
    It's not just for breakfast!
  3. Sweet Martha's Cookies and AYCD Milk
    The best combo at the fair! Buy a bucket of cookies, find a spot close to the All You Can Drink Milk and take turns getting refills for one another. WARNING! Don't fill up at the beginning of the day...truly a task for the end of the day.
  4. Cheese Curds
    We've learned the hard way...don't ravage a basket of these golden pieces of heaven first thing. A good base of about a foot long and a breakfast hot dogs are a must!

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Granny's Faves by Deb Johnson

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. Entertainment
    I spend a majority of my time at the Bandshell listening to all of the awesome music...newcomers to has beens.
  2. French Fries
    Must have at least one bucket per visit...why doesn't it taste that great at home??
  3. Grandstand stores
    Love walking through the grandstand to look at all the items they are selling
  4. Coupon book
    Always pick up that Giant Rice Krispie bars to eat on the way home, and many other items "buy one get one free" that I really don't need but what a bargain!!

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My "Have to do more than once" List by Jill Mulwee

Category: Family Fun

  1. Pet Center
    Watching at least one dog show after the long walk up machinery hill
  2. The PARADE
    Find a spot early, meet up with the fam and send your husband to get you a pronto pup and lemonade while you wait. :-)
  3. Giant Slide
    Great for all ages! A great end of the day treat for the kids.
  4. Cow Barn
    Visit the many different breeds of cows. It's great to see how well these families raise such wonderful animals year after year!

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