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Laura W. :) by Laura W. :)

Category: Shopping

  1. Creative Activities Building
    Frozen Wine - Delicious! Muffins and Soup mixes - amazing!
  2. Grandstand
    Always looking for my favorites and exciting new items too.
  3. Coliseum
    Great vendors. Love the one with cloth bags.
  4. Merchandise Mart
    A must stop, but haven't found as much there lately as I used to.

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The Loeffler List (our Fair Must-Dos) by Carolyn Loeffler

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Sweet Martha's Cookies
    Why are chocolate chip cookies better at The Fair?
  2. Cancurables
    We love to volunteer for a shift if we can, but we have to buy the latest Fair Bear.
  3. SPAM booth
    It doesn't get any more Minnesotan than this. Spam curds, spam merchandise, and a great photo op.
  4. Little Farm Hands
    Our daughter is too old for it now, but the memories are wonderful and she says she plans to bring her kids back someday. High praise from a 13 year old!

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my state fair traditions by Dawn Kane

Category: Food

  1. French Fries
    the best French fries, just like my mom would make when I was a kid
  2. Grandstand
    I can never get enough of the shopping in the Grandstand...another family tradition
  3. Food Buildiing
    we always visit the food building...something for everyone and we have to have cheese curds and Danielsons onion rings
  4. Midway
    since our kids were old enough to ride the mighty mouse, we have been taking them on the ride and purchasing the picture. They are the most fun to look at to see how the kids have grown...the are 17 and 18 now and we started when the were 5

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Awesome things at the fair by Emily Schmiedeberg

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. 4-H Building
    Awesome 4-H projects are displayed all throucgt the fair. Great musicals are put on every day on the stage. It is the tallest building on the fairgrounds. It's located right across from the Alphabet Forest.
  2. Sweet Martha's Cookies
    The best cookies ever. They are fresh from the oven and are to die for. Also you can get milk to dip them in. There are more than one locations on the fair grounds.
  3. Fresh French Fries
    The best french fries that i have ever eaten. They are gluten free! The place is right across from the go-carts.
  4. Little Farm Hands
    I have always loved this place! It's really fun! You get a bucket and an apron then go arouind the "farm" doing chores. At the end you turn in all the things you collected and get a "dollar". With the dollar you can "buy" something at the store. Little kids just LOVE it. You can find it on Cooper St. across from The North Woods

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