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4 Can't Miss Attractions by Marcy

Category: Attractions & Exhibits

  1. Fairchild
    Gives great hugs and can have picture taken with him for free!
  2. Creative Arts
    Get inspired! Baked goods, quilts, needleart - you name it, it's in this building.
  3. Ramberg Senior Center
    Best kept secret. Awesome art by older adults, easy to find a chair to relax for a bit, great music, corn husk doll demo and pioneer museum next door.
  4. Honey Showroom
    Bee demo, taste test tons of honey flavors, honey and sunflower ice cream, crafts, etc.

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Traditions by Toni Kellner

Category: Family Fun

  1. First at the Fair
    I love arriving early in the morning when most stands haven't even opened for the day yet. Everything feels so fresh and new and the whole day is before you.
  2. Blue Moon Diner
    Breakfast waffles early in the morning sitting on car seats in a drive-in setting watching old movies. Great way to start the day!
  3. Ice cream
    Lots and lots of choices of ice cream and I can have as much as I want!
  4. Pizza Palace
    We always finish up the day with that last slice of pizza at Pizza Palace.

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Tyree's fair faves by tyree

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. a footlong with fried onions is always first..
  2. an ice cold beer is next..
  3. on to some free music..
  4. and roaming the bazaar and heritage square

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Must Get Food List by FaithAnn

Category: Food

  1. Dole Whip
    Found this fresh and cool, fruity treat a couple of years ago and now, can't leave the Fair without one!
  2. Turkey to Go
    Best sandwich at the Fair, conveniently located next to the "All the Milk You Can Drink" stand.
  3. Pronto Pup
    Nothing like Pronto Pups at the Fair --- don't be fooled by the many "corn dog" offerings. Pronto Pups are the Best!
  4. Chicago Dogs
    Go for all the fixins on this dog --- celery salt, dill pickle and all!

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