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Granny's Faves by Deb Johnson

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. Entertainment
    I spend a majority of my time at the Bandshell listening to all of the awesome music...newcomers to has beens.
  2. French Fries
    Must have at least one bucket per visit...why doesn't it taste that great at home??
  3. Grandstand stores
    Love walking through the grandstand to look at all the items they are selling
  4. Coupon book
    Always pick up that Giant Rice Krispie bars to eat on the way home, and many other items "buy one get one free" that I really don't need but what a bargain!!

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Grammy's To See List by Pat Urness

Category: Family Fun

  1. Kiddie Midway
    Rides for small children
  2. Swine Barn
    The Giant Boar
  3. Goat and Sheep Barns
    Seeing and petting the animals
  4. Juggler at the Bandshell
    Variety act

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State Four Four I like! by Griffin Marti

Category: Attractions & Exhibits

  1. Minnesota Wine Country Exhibit
    wine education and sampling minnesota producers wines.
  2. Birthing Barn
    Seeing the live birth of livestock animals.
  3. Food Vendors
    Great variety of the new French Meadow Bakery shop.
  4. Environment Education Eco Adventure
    The variety of vendors and organizations education for adults and children the new products and opportunities to become more eco conscience.

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Things to See and Do at the Minnesota State Fair! by Sarah

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Swine Barn
    I have been exhibiting pigs at the State Fair for seven years now, and it is one of my favorite places to be! Make sure to stop by the front of the barn to see the Oink Booth and the baby pigs!
  2. Donna's Barbeque
    One of my families favorite places to eat! I have spent a lot of time at the State Fair, and for the past 12 years that I have gone, I have eaten one of Donna's sandwiches every day I am there. Shaved pork tenderloin with BBQ sauce is the best! They also have pretty cheap pop compared to other places.
  3. FFA Miracle of Birth Center
    This building is one of the newer attractions of the State Fair, but also one of the best. Live animal births occour daily, and a lot happens out on the stage area, too.
  4. 4-H Building
    Make sure you stop by and see some of the projects that 4-Her's around the state have worked so hard on! This is my last year in 4-H, but I am looking forward to future years when I can stop back and look at exhibits!

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