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Top four by Leah

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Roasted corn on the cob
    It's incredibly messy and delicious!
  2. Horse shows
    Entertaining and beautiful horses
  3. International Bizarre
    Really interesting things for sale
  4. All the music
    Several stages playing great music

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Judy W. Thomas Fair checklist of tradition by Judith Thomas

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. goats!!!!!
    Good googly moogly, if goats are not there, go home. State Fair ambassadors. Friendly, your shirttails.
  2. roasted corn.
    It's buttery corn on the cob, that's roasted. What more is there to say?
  3. U of M dairy barn milkshakes.
    This is what wholesome tastes like.
  4. Prairie Home Companion followed by fireworks.
    Never mind the burny particles you have to brush off when its over. Don't wear flammables.

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best food at the fair by jen denor

Category: Food

  1. Java Jive
    they have great coffee, weather you want something hot or cold, they have the best. their coffee blenders are perfect for a hot day, and you can get them in a variety of flavors!
  2. the mouth hole cheese curds
    they have the best cheese curds at the fair in my opinion
  3. luigis italin
    if you are in the mood for breadsticks, this is the place to go!
  4. pronto pups
    the pronto pup is a state fair favorite and a must- have!

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Traditions at the fair by Angie M

Category: Family Fun

  1. Little Farm Hands
    Kids get a hands on experience of being a farmer from feeding the animals to gathering food products. The kids even get a coupon at the end to shop in the "market"!
  2. Giant slide
    It is all smiles as the family climbs to the top of the giant slide looks across the fair and sails down the slide with laughter and some screams too!
  3. Food
    From cheese curds to french fries. The fair has never dissapointed anyone in our family. Kids love the milk shakes and it is a great way to cool them down.
  4. Animal barns
    We love to stroll around the barns. Watch the cows chomping on hay, pointing out the largest pig we have ever seen, and admiring the beautiful horses.

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