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4-H Shopping Experience by State Fair Rocks!

Category: Shopping

  1. Farm Boy/ Farm Girl
    Right inside the Coliseum. Farm kids can purchase clever clothing that shows their pride in being a "Farmboy or Farmgirl"
  2. Clover Mart
    Right ouside the 4-H building you can pick up 4-H murchandise, plus the "I survived the 4-H Hilton" t-shirts.
  3. State Fair T-Shirts
    4-H'ers can pick from a wide variety of t-shirts and sweatshirts. They can put the names of the exhibitors on the back and the color ribbon they won on the sleeve. I have got one every year since I have shown.
  4. Fleet Farm T-Shirts
    These are the best because they are free. Every 4-H'er that exhibits at the State Fair gets a Fleet Farm t-shirt. They are a visual proof that a 4-H'er has gone to the state fair and had an amazing time. I have about 12.

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4-H Favorites by State Fair Rocks!

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. 4-H Livestock Exhibitor Dance
    This dance is held in the swine barn on the first Saturday of the State Fair. We fill up both show arenas and have so much fun.
  2. 4-H Arts In
    4-H members come together to produce an incredible show. There is so much talent and hard work that goes into this show and every year it is spectacular.
  3. 4-H Livestock Championship Drive
    There are no words to describe this accurately, so I suggest watching for yourself. These 4-H'ers are showing their animals that has been part of their entire summer. They have put so much work and time into their projects. The moment that the judge announces the champion and the exhibitors face lights up or is moved to tears, is something to behold. There is nothing like it at the fair.
  4. Life of a State Fair Livestock Exhibitor
    These is the simple things that exhibitors take for granted, but are so special. Staying in the dorms above the barns or in the "4-H Hilton", talking to people about our projects, standing in the line for barn meals, playing cards in the barn, hanging out with our friends from all over the state, showing our animals, Initiation of first timers, watching the fireworks from the 4-H building, Barn Yard Roll Call, and many other incredible moments that don't happen anywhere else.

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Not in Kansas Anymore by Heather Hansen Mead

Category: Favorite Places

  1. International Bazaar
    I always check out the fabulous live music, unique vendors, and the great variety of ethnic foods.
  2. The Barns
    A trip to the Great Minnesota Get Together isn't complete until you've put a pair of paper Pig Ears on your head and wandered through the livestock barns.
  3. Minnesota's Best Apples
    The Horticulture Building is the best place to find out about the enormous variety of Minnesota apples - and you can sample them, too!
  4. Arts & Crafts
    Not sure of the name of this building - but I always make sure to check out the home made goods Minnesotans have brought in for judging. Canned goods, baked goods, and beautiful quilts are all on display.

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Footlongs and Mini Donuts by Heather Hansen Mead

Category: Food

  1. Footlong Hotdogs
    Excellent source of yummy goodness complete with mustard, ketchup, and onions.
  2. Mini Donuts
    Fried batter smothered in sugar, sugar, and more sugar. Very hot right off the press but goes good with ice cold milk.
  3. All-You-Can-Drink Milk
    A must-have for accompanying mini donuts or sweet martha's cookies. Drink lots. There's more.
  4. Corn on the Cob
    I always buy two and smother them in butter, salt, and a little sprinkle of pepper.

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