Photo of Swine Barn and Coliseum History Highlights

Swine Barn and Coliseum History Highlights

The History Walking Tour, a two-mile self-guided exploration of some of the State Fair's most historically significant spots, introduces two new additions to the tour: The Swine Barn, completed in 1936, was converted, along with the rest of the livestock complex, into a military aircraft propeller plant during World War II. The 5,200-seat Lee & Rose Warner Coliseum opened in 1951 and features two beautifully carved reliefs on the north side that depict the state motto, L'√Čtoile du Nord (The Star of the North). Pick up a tour brochure from the History & Heritage Center or at any tour stop on the fairgrounds, or call (877) 411-4123 to listen anywhere.

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Located at the Swine Barn and the Lee & Rose Warner Coliseum