Photo of Eco Experience – New Highlights

Eco Experience – New Highlights

An array of new exhibits highlights the latest in easy, everyday reduce-reuse-recycle how-tos, healthy cooking, innovations in green technology and transportation, and other compelling topics on environmentally focused living.

  • Works Progress Water Bar: Offers taste-testing flights of water from Minnesota communities and conversations about how water connects us.
  • Kick Gas Safety Town: With mini buildings, sidewalks and vehicles, this exhibit teaches children basic traffic rules and how to walk safely through their community and navigate potential safety hazards.
  • New World of LED Lighting: Highlights how the latest design and energy efficiency advances have transformed how we light our world.
  • We Are Water MN: Encourages us to explore Minnesotans’ unique geographic position as a headwaters and our responsibility to keep water clean.

Daily, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Located in the Progress Center

Eco Experience is a partnership of the State Fair, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and more than 150 organizations and businesses across the state. It is the largest environmental event of its kind in the country.