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IMPORTANT NOTE: The following information pertains to the 2017 Minnesota State Fair.
Please check back in the spring and summer for information on the 2018 Great Minnesota Get-Together. For the latest updates, sign up for our email list!

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RM Tack & Apparel


Rock Gardens

Rock N Roll Jewelry

Rock Wall by Fun Adventures

Ron Schara Enterprises

Roseberry Kids

Royal Brand Embroidery

Running Aces Casino & Racetrack

Russia - With Love From

Rustic Bear Den

Rusty Cowgirls - Get Lit!

Saddle Up!

Safari Afaris Enterprise

Salsa Kitchen Plus

Sam's Club

Sandblasted Signs

Santa Fe Touch

Sarasota Stamps

Sassy Pecan

Sattler's Leather & Hats


Schmitt Music

Schweiss Doors


Screen Rooms Plus

Sculpture Art Studio

Sculptures by Fernando

Sea Grass Hats & Accessories

Selina Vaughan Studios

Senator Al Franken

Senator Amy Klobuchar

Shami Brand Cloths

Sharon and James

Shoe MGK

Shoemate Orthotics

Shoes to Boot

Showers Plus

Sideshow Gallery

Signing On


Silver Gallery

Silver Strands


Simple and Grand

Simplicity Mfg.- Briggs & Stratton Power Products

Simply Barbara

Simply Nuts & More

Simply Silhouettes

Siroflex Hose Connector - RML of MN

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