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IMPORTANT NOTE: The following information pertains to the 2017 Minnesota State Fair.
Please check back in the spring and summer for information on the 2018 Great Minnesota Get-Together. For the latest updates, sign up for our email list!

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Sep 2017



Midway & Kidway discounts all day. Last Chance bargains throughout the fair. Barns and CHS Miracle of Birth Center close early today.



6:30 pm

State Fair Buildings -> Agriculture Horticulture Building 6:30 pm

Looking Inside the Hive

State Fair Buildings -> Cosgrove stage 6:30 pm

Tapestry Folk Dance Center



7:00 pm

Stages & Live Entertainment Areas -> Family Fair at Baldwin Park 7:00 pm

Break-Shop Bump'n

Stages & Live Entertainment Areas -> Grandstand 7:00 pm

Sam Hunt with special guests LANco and Ryan Follese

State Fair Buildings -> Pet Center & Outdoor Demonstration Area 7:00 pm

St. Paul Police K-9 Foundation Demonstration

Stages & Live Entertainment Areas -> The North Woods 7:00 pm

Timberworks Lumberjack Show



8:00 pm

Stages & Live Entertainment Areas -> International Bazaar 8:00 pm

Ambassadors of Culture

Fairgrounds -> DNR Park 8:00 pm


Stages & Live Entertainment Areas -> Schell's Stage at West End Market 8:00 pm




8:30 pm

Stages & Live Entertainment Areas -> Leinie Lodge Bandshell 8:30 pm

Hippo Campus



9:15 pm

Fairgrounds -> Cosgrove St. north of Dan Patch 9:15 pm

Laser Encore's Laser Hitz Show

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