2011 New Food List

Breakfast Lollipop
Located southeast corner of Food Building in Food Court

Carnitas Asian Fusion Taco
San Felipe Tacos
Located in the Food Building

Chocolate Covered Jalapeno Peppers
Andre’s Watermelon
Located on Underwood south of Carnes near Ye Old Mill

Chow Fun
Midtown Global Market-Pham’s Deli
Located near the east entrance of the International Bazaar

Coushari Rice with Lentils
Holy Land Deli
Located in southeast corner of the International Bazaar

Crab Fritters
Ollie’s Crab Fritters
Located on southeast corner of Underwood and Murphy (across from Pet Center)

Deep-Fried Cookie
Dough Sonny’s Spiral Spuds
Located in the Food Building

Dirt Dessert
Spaghetti Eddie’s
Located on Cooper St. and Dan Patch Ave

Fresh Fruit Wrap
Fried Fruit
Located in Carousel Park near Grandstand Ramp

Grilled Chicken Pita Sandwich and Italian Sausage Sandwich
T-Bonz Concessions
Located at Clough St., across from the All You Can Drink Milk Booth

Grilled Yankee Apple Pie & Chocolate Sandwich
Moe and Joe’s
Located at Judson and Clough.

Jamaican Jerk Fries
Harry Singh’s Caribbean Restaurant
Located in the Food Building.

Mexican Horchata Beverage
El Sol Mexican Food
Located Southwest outside corner of Food Building

Minneapple Pie
The Original Minneapple Pie
Located at the corner of Judson Ave. and Underwood St., north of the Dairy Building

Northwoods Salad on-a-stick
Giggles Campfire Grill
Located at The Northwood’s on Cooper Street and Lee

Pizza Kabob on-a-stick
Green Mill
Located near the Baldwin Park Stage

Pretzel Dog
Der Pretzel Haus
Located on Liggett St., in front of the Horse Barn

Rib tips served with Southside BBQ sauce
Famous Dave's
Located on West Dan Patch Ave. & Chambers St.

Spring Grove Soda Pop
Spring Grove Soda
Located on Nelson St., near the DNR Building

Starberi Frozen Yogurt
Starberi Frozen Yogurt
Located on Liggett St., near the Mighty Midway

Sweet Corn Ice Cream
Blue Moon Dine In Theater
Located at the corner of Chambers St. and Carnes Ave.

Teriyaki Chicken on-a-stick
Chan’s Concessions
Located on Judson Ave. near the Dairy Building

White Razzie Puppies on-a-stick
Granny’s Fudge Puppies
Located outside along east side of Food Building facing Underwood Street.