You can use this database to find all available foods and their locations. The Food Finder also includes information on vendors participating in special day deals and discounts. Check back in August to see all the offerings at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair!

Special Notes:

The State Fair Food Finder may have a few flubs or flukes for which the fanatically focused fair folks in the forefront of these fun features do formally beg forgiveness. In other words, it's just for fun and all information is subject to change.

If you have questions about food or a vendor at the fair that can't be answered by using the Food Finder, send us an email at

2017 New Foods:

Check out the new foods added to the expansive menu already offered at the State Fair in 2017 when it is announced in June!

Specialty Brews & Beverages:

See a list of the specialty brews and beverages served at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair here, available in August!
The 2017 Food Finder will be available in August!