IMPORTANT NOTE: The following information pertains to the 2016 Minnesota State Fair.
Please check back in the spring and summer for information on the 2017 Great Minnesota Get-Together. For the latest updates, sign up for our email list!


Located at Family Fair at Baldwin Park, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The State Fair has everything on-a-stick — even math! The Math On-A-Stick experience is a welcoming space where kids and grown-ups can explore fun math concepts at the fair. Play with geometric and reptile-shaped tiles to create designs and patterns. Sort, count and look for what's the same and what's different in groups of colored eggs on captivating cards. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the fair to enjoy a shapes or numbers book. Brought to you by the Minnesota State Fair Foundation.

The Numbers Game

Count your way through the fairgrounds on a Number Game scavenger hunt, noticing that a corn dog has 1 stick, a cow has 4 legs, the Ferris wheel has 16 passenger carts, and so on. Photograph and post what you find on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #statefairnumbers. Complete a game card and earn a prize!

2016 Visiting Mathematician and Mathematical Artist Schedule

Discover how math can be creative in special activities led by visiting mathematicians and artists who use math in their careers. Learn more about the mathematicians and artists by clicking on the links to their websites.

Aug. 25: Megan Schmidt
Aug. 26: Max Ray and Annie Fetter
Aug. 27: Marshall Hampton
Aug. 28: Christopher Danielson
Aug. 29: Liza Rezac
Aug. 30: Sarah Stengle
Aug. 31: Sarah Stengle
Sept. 1: Seth Leavitt
Sept. 2: Kevin Lee
Sept. 3: Jennifer Schuetz
Sept. 4: Kassie Benjamin
Sept. 5: Ken Baltes

Talking Math With Your Kids

Math On-A-Stick is a welcoming space for children and their grown-up friends to talk about and interact with numbers, shapes and patterns. To learn more about continuing these conversations all year long, check out For more resources and problem solving opportunities at home and school, check out The Math Forum.


Interested in helping out at Math On-A-Stick this year? Sign up online!

Volunteer Shift Times: Most shifts are 3 hours. The earliest is at 8:45 a.m.; the latest finishes at 8:00 p.m.

2016 Minnesota State Fair dates:
Aug. 25 through Labor Day, Sept. 5


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