Photos of two sheep, a piglet and two dairy cows




Our award-winning Moo Booth swings open the barn doors (literally!) for a cow-to-kitchen showcase of dairy and cattle farming - a fascinating mix of science, technology expertise and hard work.

Innovative fun for all ages

  • See machine milking up close.
  • Hand-milk a cow.
  • Meet a beef cow-calf pair.
  • This year's featured dairy herd will be Jersey.
  • Compete in butter carving, milk moo-stach and other "cow-ntests."
  • Test your knowledge to find out if you are an expert cowhand.
  • Be a cow sleuth in Moo Booth CSI.
  • Cheer on celebrities in the Celebrity Agrilympics.
  • Take a break with story time and video presentations.
  • Win prizes at the Moo-lette wheel and the Moo Quiz Show.
  • Get free dairy product samples.

Use the State Fair Fun Finder to check out the Moo Booth schedule!

Photo of entrance to the Moo Booth in the Cattle Barn

Plus, meander through a-moo-sing displays and learn about:

  • Distinctive traits of common cow breeds
  • Cattle care and herd management
  • How much feed cows consume daily
  • Cow digestion and biology
  • How milk is made
  • Dairy farming around the world
  • How the cattle industry contributes to the health and economic, social and environmental well-being of our society

Visit the Moo Booth in the northwest corner of the Cattle Barn off Judson Avenue, I31 on the State Fair map.

25+ years at the State Fair

The Moo Booth was created in 1991 to highlight the farm-to-table process of the dairy and beef industries with a particular focus on animals, farming and production. Through fun activities and captivating demonstrations, the Moo Booth is a vital extension of the fair's agricultural mission.

The displays, competitions, demonstrations and product samples are made possible through the generous support of industry organizations, farming cooperatives and companies. We also rely on dozens of volunteers. For more information about how to support the Moo Booth or to volunteer, email or call (651) 288-4480.


In the spirit of the Moo Booth, this educational exhibit features sheep displays and hands-on activities. The Baa Booth is open the first eight days of the fair (Aug. 24-31, 2017) and is located inside the Sheep Barn at the south end off Judson Avenue, L29 on the State Fair map. View a Baa Booth schedule on the State Fair Fun Finder when it's live this summer!


Get a glimpse into the world of pig farming. Take a 360-degree look inside a real Minnesota pig farm and see what farmers do to care for pigs, people and the environment. Learn more about pigs in narrated question-and-answer programs at 11 a.m. each day. See a sow and piglets up close! And don't forget to pick up your free pig ear headband! The Oink Booth is located in the Swine Barn at the east end, off Stevens Street, F31 on the State Fair map. View an Oink Booth schedule on the State Fair Fun Finder when it's live this summer!


For further information, please email or call (651) 288-4480.

Photo of little girl looking through the milking parlor observation window

Photo of children carving butter sculptures on the Land O Lakes stage at the Moo Booth