Little Farm Hands


Youth education presented by Equine Guelph

Anatomy Station

  • SeeMore: full-sized painted horse depicting the muscle and visceral anatomy of the horse
  • Quattro: full-sized horse skeleton
  • Winston: human skeleton (used in demos  on horse/human anatomy comparison)
  • Skulls and leg anatomy: cross section of horse skull and lower leg of the horse
  • Bone Box: Interactive digging and matching of horse bones
  • Skeleton in Motion: horse skeleton animation on projection screen going through walk, trot and canter gaits

Dental Station

  • 'Aging horse by teeth' Poster
  • Horse Skull
  • Dental Tools
  • Guess the age of these horses? (Horse teeth at different lifestages)
  • How old are you in horse years?

Evolution Station

  • Evolution Poster
  • Hot Blooded vs. Cold Blooded Horses
  • How Do Horses Sleep Standing Up?
  • Horse Shoe Display

Nutrition Station

  • Life-sized digestive tract of the horse (80ft long!)
  • Feed Boxes: nutrition for different life stages of the horse
  • Interactive fibre and water display
  • Posters:
    • Digestive Tract of the Horse
    • Does your horse need a 'low carb' diet?
    • What's with all the water?
    • Sweating Buckets
    • Hay vs. Straw
  • Human - Horse Water Intakes Display

Grooming Station

  • Get Grooming: Steps to Grooming
  • Braiding Station: 3 tails with video tutorial
  • Leg Wrapping Station: interactive activity where kids learn to wrap horse legs
  • Interactive Mystery Box Quiz Station


Parasite Station

  • Includes larger than life clay models of equine parasites
  • Posters of life cycle of worms
  • Take home sheets with tips and preventative management techniques.

Career Corral

  • Standardbred Stable
  • Red Barns - careers
  • Day at the Races - find the careers
  • Career Mystery Box
  • Photo Stand

Horse Behavior

  • Variety of Behavioral posters:
    • 'Learn to Speak Horse'
    • 'Is this horse mean?' & 'Maybe there is a reason'
  • Green Barn Activity – 'What am I Saying' behavior activity?

Horse and Farm Safety (displayed in barn/stalls)

  • Safety around the Horse – sight and sound
  • Interactive glove safety stations (4) and sizing chart
  • Rider Safety (Safety Checklist & safety equipment)
  • Dozen Dangers Interactive Board
  • Tractor Safety (Tractor and utility safety posters)