The 4-H Livestock show runs for four days, from Thursday, Aug. 27 through Sunday, Aug. 30 (except for 4-H Lamas, which show during the Open Class Llamas). This 4-H weekend becomes home to 605 Beef Cattle, 469 Dairy Cattle, 142 Dairy Goats, 175 Meat Goats, 488 Swine, 358 Sheep, 265 Poultry and 314 Rabbits. 4-H Livestock departments include:

  • Beef and Dairy Cattle
  • Dairy and Meat Goats
  • Poultry (chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, doves, turkeys, pigeons)
  • Rabbits
  • Sheep
  • Swine
  • Lamas (show during the Open Class Llamas Show)

The 4-H program offers programming throughout the 12 days of the Minnesota State Fair, serving in excess of 5,752 exhibitors and showcasing over 2,844 building exhibits, 238 demonstrations, 527 Share the Fun programs, 295 County Arts In programs, and other opportunities for youth participation.

Other 4-H contests include Herdsmanship, Showmanship, Judging Teams, Public Presentations, Non-Livestock Exhibits and County Club exhibits.

The Minnesota State Fair Rural Youth Scholarship

The Minnesota State Fair Rural Youth Scholarship (formerly the Ben C. Hallberg Rural Youth Scholarship) was established in 1994 to help further the educational endeavors of young adults from greater Minnesota. Up to 20 scholarships of $1,000 each will be made available to rural youth or those enrolled in an agriculture program in 2015, with participation in the current year’s Minnesota State Fair.

CATTLE IDENTIFICATION - Important information:
Cattle exhibited in Minnesota must be identified with USDA approved ID tags. For more information, please see the Minnesota Board of Animal Health.

HOLDOVER SWINE - Important information:
In order to minimize risk to swine and humans for influenza virus transmission, the Minnesota Board of Animal Health recommends that no hogs will be allowed to stay on the fairgrounds, where swine are penned for competition (Swine Barn and adjacent Holdover Barn) beyond the scheduled time in which the hogs are to be shown. This will eliminate ALL holdover swine. Display animals penned in adjacent barns and not co-mingled with exhibition swine (including Miracle of Birth, 4-H champions, largest boar and display sow and litter) are exempt.

GENERAL INFORMATION AND RULES FOR ENTRY: The 4-H premium book is available annually for download in early June. For more information, please contact your local 4-H leader, Extension agent or the state’s Center for 4-H Youth Development for further details: http://www1.extension.umn.edu/youth/mn4-H/state-fair/resources.html.

MINNESOTA 4-H DAIRY SHOWCASE: The 7th annual Minnesota 4-H Dairy Showcase awarded $33,800 to 25 deserving youth.

MINNESOTA 4-H PURPLE RIBBON AUCTION: in 2014, the 35th annual Minnesota 4-H Purple Ribbon Auction raised over $498,000 on 101 animals benefitting 4-H youth in the form of premiums and scholarships.

For more information on the 4-H Purple Ribbon Auction, please visit:

For further information, please email us at competition@mnstatefair.org or call us directly at (651) 288-4417.


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